Tuesday, November 27, 2007

projectId != projectid

Any ActionScript, JavaScript, Java, etc. programmer knows about case-sensitivity. The languages are very picky, thus projectId is not the same as projectid. However, ColdFusion and T-SQL aren't picky. SELECT is the same as select -- is the same as . After moving a demo from my local development environment to a staging server I discovered the hard way that Flex treats returned column names as case sensitive variables. When I created the view on the staging server, I made the mistake of not properly camel casing projectId. Hopefully, this is a mistake that I will not make often.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Big Gotta in Flex/AIR

So you have a datagrid in Flex (or AIR) and you got a nice little query that is delivered to the application via a ColdFusion CFC and in your Flex app, you've got a text field that triggers a filter function on the arraycollection. Nothing special, one of the first things that many CF developers learn how to do in Flex.

While I was working on a demo application the other day I built this out, just to discover that my filter functions weren't working. Stranger yet, the filter functions worked perfectly when datasource was a xml file with the same data. After hours or cursing, blog reading, etc., I figured out what the issue was. For whatever reason, when you have a query that uses GROUP BY Flex filter functions do not work. In the end I made a view out of the query and the filter functions work perfectly now.

Fun stuff.