Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Google Notebook

The gang at Google just keeps making my daily internet experience better. The newest tool to make my daily grind better is Google Notebook. The ability to copy and save pieces of code, text, URL's from any system has really helped me streamline an otherwise slow process. Before Notebook, I would email myself from, work say, when I found something I wanted to save or look at later, so that when I got home I would have it. Now, I just highlight and right-click. Beautiful - plus of course, I get the added bonus of being able to search the notebook contents with Google.

Water Bridge

Wow, a river, with a bridge going over it, that is a canel! Talk about your crazy engineering!!

When I saw this on Digg, I was pretty sure it was Photoshop madness, but according to Snopes, it's real. Crazy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oblivion Domino Day

Saw this via Boing Boing... WOW! Oblivion is my favorite game right now, and though the editor is really easy, setting this up must have taken forever! All I can say is good work, and damn. The syncing of the music is most impressive, though a close second is the variety of objects he used.

Stupid Plane Tricks

Footage from a BBC documentary featuring some crazy aerobatics in a twin engine plane - some of it with both engines stopped. Very cool - not sure if I could have handled being in the plane while it was going on though...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Welcome to the World of Big Brother...

Anyone who has been keeping track of what is going on in Washington since Bush stole the election in 2000 - knows it has been coming. But this is a big and scary acknowledgement of Big Brothers coming... how could Gonzales's statements be taken as anything but the coming of 1984.

The press has a right, a duty, and the honor of keeping our government honest. And while they do not always do that job well - it is a practice that is needed for our country to survive.

We have a system in place for people to be whistle-blowers - but I do not believe this system really covers the needs of a government that commits serious crimes. When a government is guilty - those crimes should, need, to see the light of day - and the press is the body that should do it.

I really hope the press, both in America and the rest of the free world take the Bush Administration to task on this. There is a reason that the first Amendment to the Constitution provides for Freedom of Speech - any American who doesn't understand or believe in need for it, really needs to reconsider why we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Friday

Happy Friday, enjoy this Bushism...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Colbert for President

Stephen Colbert roasting Bush and to a lesser extent the media from last weeks White House Correspondents' Dinner has convinced me that he should run for President! OK, not really, but I am seriously impressed with his nerve! Wow, it takes some serious guts to get up in from the the Press Corps and the President and rail him like that! Nice job Stephen!

If you want to thank him, a site has been setup for just that purpose (35,000+ people have done so already!).

Very Scary Numbers

I may not be able to identify every country on a blank map of the world, but I do alright. And I can name all of the states in the U.S. with easy (though I'm a bit hazzy on the capitals).

According to CNN, a new study has found some very scary numbers, in regards to how many 18 to 24 year old Americans don't know where places in the news are. But perhaps the most frightening number is this:
Fewer than three in 10 think it important to know the locations of countries in the news and just 14 percent believe speaking another language is a necessary skill.
How can we expect to compete in the world when this is true?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rachael Ray in Time

I'm a bit late in picking this up, but I wanted to say I think it is really cool that Time sees Rachael Ray as part of the Time 100 - The People Who Shape Our World. Love her, or hate her - you have to admit, she has changed the way a large number of Americans are cooking and thinking about food. And for the better (though you all that hate her, most likely don't think so). I do love her - her food (though it really should be 45 minute+ meals), her cute sayings, her smile and laugh - I can't help it I've got a crush. While I wish she pushed all-natural and organic foods more, and sure she gets to be a bit much if you watch too many shows back-to-back, still she is on the short list of my favorite TV food people.

Oh yeah, and the blurb about her is written by Mario Batali.