Saturday, February 12, 2005

Traffic HELL!!!

Until I move next week, I've been living Monday to Friday in Chicago, then driving down to Urbana on Friday night and returning to Chicago with a truck load of stuff on Sunday. Last week I left from the Northwest suburbs at 4:30pm on Friday. I got on 294 South at roughly 4:45pm; and *sigh* I got to I57 at just after 6:20pm! What a hellish trip! From there to Urbana was smooth sailing but damn the trip through the city just SUCKED!!

After carefully planning, I determined the "perfect" route for this weeks trip, I thought I had come up with a pefect solution to the traffic. Things started well, at about 4:45pm I started worming my way South on a variety of roads, my goal, was to get past the O'Hare toll-booth before I got onto 294. This is where things went very wrong... I ended up lost, in some strange suburb that I had never even heard of with no clear way to back to the highway. Finally I found 294, and quickly got back on - just to realize that I had gotten on the highway going North not South! The next exit, was just after the O'Hare tollbooth, meaning I would have to go all the way North to the airport, get off, get back on going South and fight my way through the tollbooth! It was now 6:25pm and over an hour away being even close to 57, meaning I had at least 2 plus hours to go. So I gave up, called my wife and went back to my place in Chicago - which still took me a another hour!

OUCH! Thank god, next week, on Thursday, not Friday will be the last time that I have to do this post work trip...

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Anonymous said...

Uuugggh. I feel your pain. 294 in any direction is painful.