Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Phishing Quiz

How good are you at detecting a scam or a phishing attemp via email?

Take the quiz and find out!

I got a 80%


kees said...

Cool. Got 80% too. A little tricky without being able to view source. :)

Trade ya URLs:


Idaho is cool in my book now. (Link stolen from Fark.)

Demian said...

That's great, I love it! You have to love state governments and the strange things they do.

christina richards said...

Hey Aug,

It's been ages, I know. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across your blog. Would love to catch up with you if you haven't forgotten your cute little ST. Scholastica friend--Christina. (The plays, the drama, prom, etc.)

It would be so great to hear what's happening in your life and to fill you in on mine.

Don't have a blog or web page as I'm pretty technically challenged. But send me an email if you like, and let's chat.

--Christina (Rittenburg) Richards