Saturday, January 21, 2006

Microsoft SyncToy

So I'm a Computer Geek, and I should know better, but... I guess I had to learn the hard way. I have a little thumb drive, it's an older one that only stores 256 MB. However, it has been great for taking files with me from home to work, office to client locations, etc. Do you think I ever remember to back it up? Of course not. So the other day, I'm at a client site, using the drive to transfer files from my laptop and a desktop. I get impatient and pull it from the desktop before it is finished writing and pow! Everything is gone.

Thankfully I was able to rebuild most of what I destroyed - but ouch, many hours lost because I didn't remember to back it up. D'OH!

Now that I've learned my lesson, I'm using a great free program called SyncToy from Microsoft. It allows a very simple sync or backup between two folders, on different devices, or not. Hopefully, I won't repeat this mistake...

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