Monday, October 02, 2006

4 and 0 baby!

It was rough weekend for me. On Thursday night I ended up in the emgerency room in incredible pain in my upper mouth, Friday was lost to a drug induced haze while I attempted to deal with said pain, and Saturday started with me getting two teeth pulled.

After all of that fun - I was really looking forward to laying in bed on Sunday to watch some football! Most of the games went as I hoped (Before tonight's game I'm 10 and 3 for the week). But, of course, it was the Bears game that I was looking forward to the most. Going in to the game, there was a lot of talk about weather or not the Bears were real. Could they really beat a good team? After all, being 3 and 0 against the Lions, Packers, and Vikings isn't saying much. Well, I hope now the doubters stop talking. What a game. Wow. To say that the Bears won is an understatement. The Seahawks were completely dominated! In all ways. On offense, defense, and special teams. What a great game. Hopefully, people will now stop being so hard on Rex Grossman, the kids got game. Looking forward, I think the Bears are going to end up being 6 and 0, and maybe even 7 and 0... but I dare not think that far ahead.

Go Bears!! :-)

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