Thursday, November 16, 2006

8 and 1

It was an interesting week for football. How about those Chargers!?! What a crazy second half! A total of 778 yards by the quarterbacks, 440 from Palmer and he lost the game, that's just crazy. I was watching Inside the NFL last night, and in the highlights, they showed some Bengal during the game saying "We're gonna need 50 point to win this." At the time, I sure he wasn't being totally serious - but as it turns out, that was the exact right number. They really seem to be the team to watch out for in the AFC. I wonder if Indy can beat them?

Of course, it was the Bears game that I was most interested in watching. I was filled with some dread, wondering if the team that lost to the Dolphins or the team that beat the Seahawks would show up. In the beginning of the game, it looked as if the wrong team showed up. Eli looked pretty good, Rex looked like crap. But then, as the first quarter wore down, things changed. The Giants weren't dominating, and the Bears started to look a little better. At the half, the Bears looked like they were coming back.

The second half was all Bears. And I think they looked pretty good. Hester completely redeemed himself with the crazy 108 yard return off a missed field goal. How crazy is it that two years in a row, the Bears have done that? Last year it was Vasher, this year Hester - is this to be a yearly event? ;-)

With one down, and two to go in the crazy road trip from hell, I'm feeling pretty good. Except I'm not sure who the Jets beating the Pats says more about. How good the Jets can be, or that the Pats are really beatable?

If we beat the Jets on Sunday, I think we stand a really good chance of beating the Pats as well. Not because the Jets have, but because the momentum will be on their side. Of course if something crazy happens, say Green Bay beating the Pats, then the Bears might be in trouble. The Pats loosing four in a row? Can't see that happening.

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