Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bears Win

Ok, it's a little late, but what a game! The Bears didn't just win, they won with authority! Orton showed real promise. Even though the Bears lost to the Redskins, and Orton did have some issues, he never looked nervous or overwhelmed. In fact, he didn't look like a rookie at all. He displayed real promise in game one, and in game two he delivered. Then there was Thomas Jones, 20 carries for 139 yards, nice, very nice! Of course you can't forget Mike Brown, back to his old tricks (41 yard interception for an easy 7). And Bobby Wade, 71 yard punt return, just gravy!

The Lions, on the other hand, just looked sad. In the preseason I read a lot about how great Joey Harrington was, how much promise he had, and how this was going to be his break out year. Yeah well, I guess you can recover from 5 interceptions, but I just don't see it coming.

On Sunday, the Bears take on the Bengals, and while the Vegas odds are once again in favor of the opponents, I'm still thinking the Bears got it. The Vikings couldn't stop the Bengals, and the stats say it all. Culpepper threw 5 interceptions (who would have guessed that Culpepper and Harrington would have similar days!?!), plus 2 more fumbles and the Vikings defense was seemly asleep.

Yes that was an impressive victory for the Bengals, but I think it says more about the state of the Vikings, then the Bengals. The Bears D is smoking hot this year, as one of the TV commentators put it on Sunday, no team is going look forward to playing these guys this year. If Orton, Jones and Moose can repeat the play of last week, the Bears shouldn't have any problems.

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