Wednesday, November 30, 2005


This year for Thanksgiving, we went the cajun route. For years, I heard about Turduckens, on Food Network, via blogs, on the radio, etc. I've always wanted to try one, and this year, I finally got my chance. Weighing in at 15 pounds, with another 23 pounds of sides and ice, our local UPS driver was very curious about delivery. He had to warn me before picking up the box, and good thing he did, cause I almost dropped it. After almost 3 full days of thawing out in the fridge, and 5 hours of cooking, it was finally time to eat...

While it wasn't exactly what I expected, it was quite tasty. I was hoping to cut into the bird and see rings of turkey, stuffing, duck, stuffing, and finally chicken and stuffing. As it turned out, you could easily see the turkey and duck, but the chicken almost seemed missing in action. The duck in our turducken was huge, which might of accounted for the chicken being hard to locate. The turkey very moist, the duck was incredibly flavorful, and the stuffing was yummy.

Now that I have done the turducken thang, the next step is making my own. Of course, I will buy the birds pre-boned, but... I think it will be a wonderful and tasty challenge to make one, next year.


Andrea said...

It sounds like one of those Russian nesting doll sets except with dead animal carcasses...I think I'm afraid of that.

Demian said...

LOL!! Oh you shouldn't be afraid! It was a good thing, really.

And don't worry, we aren't planning anything that wild or crazy for meals this weekend.