Thursday, November 17, 2005

Whole Foods & Lobster

Whole Foods is one of my favorite stores of any kind. Of the many things I love about them is the way they do what they do. That this example, accorded to Reuters, Whole Foods plans to stop selling live lobster. What impresses me, is not just the desire to make the world a bit better, although that is great from a company this big, but I'm really impressed by Whold Foods thinking outside of the box. By announcing that there was a deadline to produce better methods for capture and transport of live lobster, Whole Foods put the industry on alert. I don't know how big of a customer Whole Foods is, but I would imagine considering the price per pound that I've seen, they are a great customer, buying the highest end product. This should be a good incentive for the lobster industry.

Anyone who knows anything about business knows the saying "The customer is always right," and that is what Whole Foods has done, is said, look I want your product, but only if it meets my standards. If more of us did that at the grocery store, perhaps our food in general wouldn't be laced with so much crap...

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