Thursday, December 29, 2005

Da Bears

Can you believe it, Division title for the Bears!!! Woohoo!

At the beginning of this season, I was pretty sure the best we could hope for was a 10-6 record. Depending on how we play Sunday, it could end up being 12-4! Of course, since the game is meaningless for the play-off picture, Lovie may not play the starters throughout and thus we may not win. But, I for one, think the game does mean something. If the Bears can hold out and win, they will have swept every team in the Division. That is an important goal for the subconscious of the team, proving that we have the skills to do something we haven't done for too long. So, I'm going into Sundays game (wearing my kickass new jersey my wife got me for Christmas) hoping to see all of the starters play a good solid game.


Ozmodius said...

Yeah yeah yeah. Congrats and all, just make sure you bow out in NFC North tradition, we wouldn't want to set an example of winning that the rest of us can't live up to.

Demian said...

Wouldn't you prefer say, a NFC North Super Bowl win!?! :)

Seriously, Seattle can be beaten by the Bears - we know Mike H. style all to well. Then after that, we have a fair chance againist most of the AFC teams that might make it.

So even though it might kill ya, say it with me, GO BEARS!!