Thursday, August 18, 2005


There is a very interesting thread on the blog cf.Objective about comparing PHP to CFMX. I for one, am sick of attempting to explain the beauty and power of ColdFusion to those who haven't "seen the light." I've been working in ASP.NET lately (not by choice) and if ever the easy of use and true RAD nature of CF was apparent, it is now.

I don't know enough about PHP to compare it, thus I have stayed out of the converstation, but I think its a good read for anyone who needs more ammo for this seemingly endless debate.


Scott said...


I deplore your lack of good judgement when referring to ASP.NET negatively.

We need to have a talk about PostBack, the Control Tree and the beauty of event-based Web Forms.

Much Love,


Demian said...

Ok scott, I admit ASP.NET isn't completely horrible... but I still like CF better! :)

Especially for RAD projects, I have yet to see how ASP.NET, PHP or any other language is really upto the task of out performing CF in that reguard.