Monday, August 29, 2005

Da Bears

Well I'm happy to say the Bears won on Friday. The Bills may not be the toughest team in the NFL, but watching the game, one thing was clear, our defense is hot! Of course pre-sesson doesn't mean anything, but I do love seeing the team win.

Friday was a good day, and today, the news is very good. First, the distractions of the status of Cedric Benson are over. He agreed to terms on a 5-year deal. I personally don't have a high degree of excitement about him as a player, but we shall see. The better news, to me though, is the announcement that Kyle Orton is going to be the starting quarterback! Thank God! Chad Hutchinson just isn't any good. And as a Bears fan, I know what a bad quarterback looks like! I urge all Bears fans everywhere to hope and pray that Kyle has at least a little Big Ben in him....


Andy said...

Now you Yanks are gonna see how real Southern Football is played.

Demian said...

We shall see if Benson can bring some Southern style football to Chicago. At last check, the Bears aren't planning on starting him for at least two games.

Having living in Odessa, I have seen Texas football firsthand, and I have to admit, y'all do take your football very seriously!