Monday, October 24, 2005

Bears Win

I never thought I would see the day when Brett Fave's Packers were 1-5. The Pack did their normal yesterday, with Brett coming from behind ready to send the game in to overtime. Then the Vikings did something I wouldn't expect them to be capable of, they drove down the field, and formal Bears kicker, Paul Edinger pulled off an impressive 56 yarder (a career best) with 2 seconds on the clock! After watching that game, and seeing that the Lions won against the Browns, I was very concerned about the Bears ability to maintain first place in the division.

The game was good, not great. But, it was nice to see the team win the way they promised at the beginning of the season they would. The offense got the required points, and the defense held the Ravens back, forcing them to punt on their last five positions, very nice. Thomas Jones, had another 100+ yard day, which was sweet indeed. More and more, I'm wondering if Benson was a complete mistake. Maybe that draft pick would have been better used on another position...

Even though I wasn't happy to see the Lions win, it does make Sundays game more exciting. And, if when the Bears win, they will be 4-3, not a bad place to be, considering the record of the rest of the league.

Oh yeah, and the Sox won both games this weekend - putting them in a great position to win their first World Series in 88 years. I'm not a baseball fan, and I grew up on the Northside, making me more likely to be a Cubs fan; but I have to admit, it was pretty exciting to watch the last couple of innings of the game on Saturday. So, yeah, I guess I have to say it: "Go Sox!"

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