Thursday, October 20, 2005

Being Rachael Ray

I've had a crush on Rachael Ray for a long time. 30 Minute Meals is a standard in our house. I love her casual, sometimes goofy way of talking about food. The NY Times ran an article yesterday going in to detail about her past, her future, and how she got where she is today. It was great to read about how she got her start, pretty impressive really. Though I have to say, I'm a bit concerned about her having her own afternoon talk show... But, I'm sure I will watch it, at least once. And a monthly magazine? And her own personal EVOO? Sweet.

There is also a Slate article out there, from July, about why food snobs should stop hating her. It raises a point that a lot of people mention with Rachael, if her 30 minute meals can really be made in 30 minutes. The author of the Slate article couldn't do, and I'm not sure I could - but that isn't the point. The idea is quick and easy meals.

And finally, there is a interview with her at Popcrazy, I'm not sure when it was done, but it would see awhile ago as Rachael's show Inside Dish wasn't on the air yet.

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