Monday, November 15, 2004

Bears Win, Again!

With starting QB, last year’s co-MVP, out resting up after a chest injury; the Bears rolled into Tenn. looking to prove that they were not the bad team everyone thought they were.

The Bears offensive does suck. Not because they lack players with skill, we have plenty of them. Gage, Wade, Thomas, Jones, and even Terrell (though damn, can he please learn to catch!?!). But the thing that wins games for Chicago is Defense. And for the second week in a row, the Chicago Bears Defense came through in a big way.

Considering that we are now 4 and 5, which puts us in the playoff hunt, I think it's time we get a little respect. The Colts will be a very tough team to be beat next week, but it’s at home, and I think we at least stand a chance. We have the 13th best Defense and the Colts have the 31st (of 32!), so we should be about to do something against them offensively and maybe even slow Manning down a little on his push to beat Dan Marino’s record of 48 touchdowns in a single season.

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