Friday, November 12, 2004

Bill Mahar

Comedian Bill Mahar is being sued by ex-girlfriend who claims he promised her marriage and a house in Beverly Hills, once owned by Ben Affleck and J-Lo. She says that when she quit her job as a flight attendant he became angry and physically abusive.

Anyone who is a fan of Bill, or who has at least watched his HBO show a couple of times, knows that he always talks about how he will be single for life. So there is something about this that doesn't fly. Of course, everyday, there are woman who have been abused or conned by men and need the system to help them get justice; but I don't buy that this is the case. I am so sick of the court system being used by gold diggers and attention seekers for personal gain.

Of course, there may be nothing we can do. If we limit the justice system and we risk real people with real problems falling through the cracks.

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