Tuesday, November 16, 2004

ColdFusion OOP or Thinking in DAO

One of the best things about Macromedia ColdFusion is also, perhaps one of the biggest flaws. ColdFusion is a very easy language to learn, in fact, in my opinion only HTML is an easier web language. Just like HTML, basic ColdFusion is procedural making it very easy to understand and code. Many programmers learn how to code with ColdFusion, without learning how to program in a clean, clear and concise way.

With the addition of CFCs to the language in version 6 (MX), Macromedia has moved the CF more towards being a Object Oriented Language (OOP) while still maintaining its procedural roots. Once a CF programmer gets to the point that they are developing more than just simple applications, it is very important to learn about and use a coding methodology.

Enter DAO (Data Access Object)... Joe Rinehart of clearsoftware.net has written a very good article on using DAO with ColdFusion called Be a DAO Disciple that is worth a read for all CF programmers, regardless of your skill level.

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