Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The LEGO Effect

Last night, while trying to determine how long I have been using Flash, I came across this article on Macromedias web site. It really made me smile to read it. Jonathan Gay's story, about his experiences that lead to the development of FutureSplash is very interesting, but the part that made me smile most was the beginning – and his mention of LEGO bricks.

I too, grew up with LEGO's, and I have always associated them with bringing out my creative, technical, and problem solving skills. When my brother was old enough, I handed down my LEGO's to him. Now he is an adult and has developed similar abilities. My wife’s little brother plays with a lot of LEGO's and he too is developing the same skill set.

Now I'm preparing to bring my own children into the world, and I'm counting down the days until my brother and I can hand down our collection to them. With any luck, The LEGO effect will continue.

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