Saturday, January 01, 2005

World's Tallest Building

As of yesterday, the world officially has a new tallest building. Known only as Taipei 101, it is a beautiful building that the government of Taiwan hopes will bring it international attention.

Growing up in Chicago, I know a thing or two about tall buildings, after all Chicago held the title of world’s tallest building, with the Sears Tower, for most of my life. And this one is truly taller than the Sears Tower, unlike the Petronas Towers which opened in 1998, and claimed to be taller than the Sears Tower. This really bothered me - not just as a matter of pride, but because it was only taller in a technical sense. It was given the title; because its spire, which is enclosed, raises the height of the building to a total height of 452 m (the roof line is closer to 405 m). The Sears Tower is 442 m tall, but the antennas are not allowed to be included in the height (which would make the Sears tower the tallest since at roughly 535 m tall). Taipei 101 is 448 m tall, at the roof line, and 508 m at the spire, making it truly the tallest building.

There are projects around the world that would, if completed, take the title away from Taipei 101, but for the moment Taipei 101 gets the honor.

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