Thursday, January 20, 2005

Moving On (up)

I haven't been posting much lately, due to the fact that I have been very busy. My life is about to change quite a bit. First of all, as of Jan 31st, I will have a new job, not in Champaign/Urbana, but in the Chicago area; which of course means that I am also moving. Too many people have gotten into trouble with their blogs and work, so I won’t ever mention who I work for - but needless to say I find it to be a big step up from where I am currently.

I can't help but notice that once I move, I will have gone full circle. Starting in 1995, I went from Chicago to Champaign in 1995. Then I moved to Minneapolis, then Odessa, and then Urbana, now, I will be moving back to where I started. It isn't a pretty circle, but I’m excited to be going back to the Windy City.

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