Thursday, December 23, 2004

Asteroid Passes Close to Earth

Normally I'm not one of those people to worry about things I can not change (ie. death in a freak vending machine accident). Some things after all, are just up to chance.

This though, is kind of scary, a small asteroid passed by Earth on roughly Dec. 19th. There are too things about this asteroid that are a bit freaky. First, it passed within 22,300 miles of the planet, which is inside the orbits of geostationary satellites! And to make matters worse - we didn't even see it coming. It was not discovered until Dec. 21st! Why did this happen? Well it turns out the sun creates a blind spot that prevents us from seeing objects coming from its direction. Only a space telescope could have seen this.

I'm still not going to spend any time worrying about the possibility of asteroids crashing into the Earth, just a little scary to think that with all our technology, we still can be humbled by a 16 foot wide rock.

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