Thursday, December 16, 2004

Firefox Ad

Get Firefox!I've been watching the progress of Firefox with extreme interest. I've been very impressed with it, a clean, simple, safe browser. Who know it could happen?

And now, the Spread Firefox team has done something that I really thought was impossible. They got people to cough up real hard earned cash to show their support for Firefox. They raised enough money to buy an 2 full page ads in the New York Times!

Congrats to Mozilla, Spread Firefix and everyone who pitched in money! It is very cool to see a true grass-roots software project make it.

Even with everything there is to love about Firefox - I think my favorite feature may be the easy of designing for it. If you start your design work (HTML, DHTML & CSS) with just Firefox as your preview, much of the design work will be compatible with IE, and other. That along has saved me enough time to make it my favorite browser.

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