Sunday, December 19, 2004

Censorship in 2004

This has been a pretty sad year for free speech on TV. Starting with the famous Janet Jackson Superbowl event, the year has gone down hill quickly. I was just reading an article on CNN/Money about this that points out the massive increase both in complaints to the FCC and the amount of money the FCC has fined. The funny thing is, that wasn't the part the really bugged me. The FCC is supposed to respond to compliants from the public and take the proper actions.

The part that really bugged me was a list of ads that got pulled this year, for various reasons, after groups protested them. Two of them were some of the best ads released this year. The Corvette ad directed by Guy Ritchie was great! And the Bud Light ad, which aired first during the Super Bowl, was considered by many to be the best ad all night. If people can't see the difference between fantasy and reality in an ads like that - they shouldn't be watching TV at all! Both of those ads are harmless, the fact that the companies were so quick to pull them really shows how powerful the vocal, but small minority interest groups have really become.

Sad, really sad, if we let the overly vocal minorites rule what we see, read, eat, think - whats next?

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