Thursday, December 16, 2004

FCC to Allow in Air Wireless

I saw a story on SlashDot this morning about the FCC voting to allow wireless internet connections on planes. If all goes well the service could be in place by 2006. The FCC is also taking public comments ahead of a 2005 decision on lifting the ban on cell phone use in planes.

Adding wireless net to long flights will be a Godsend, of course, without an in-flight power supply my laptop battery only lasts for 3 hours. But still, beats the hell out of reading the airline magazine!

The whole ban on cell phones always seems strange to me... The FCC is worried that cell phones "might" interfere with the planes navigation and electrical systems? We've had this technology for what, like 20 years, why hasn't anybody proven this out, one way or the other?!? Surely, if there is any interference, Boeing, Airbus and the others could easily come up with a fix - after all, it's not like we don't know the exact spectrum that the phones use...

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