Thursday, December 09, 2004

XBox Raid

I not sure how I feel about this. Yesterday, the FBI raided 3 video game stores in the Washington DC area and arrested 2 employees on "conspiracy to commit copyright infringement and conspiracy to traffic in a device that circumvents technological protection measures".

What was the real crime here? Modding the Xbox and selling the modded version is illegal - but I have to say that kind of sits weird with me. I understand that Microsoft wants to protect its IP, but getting the FBI involved seems a bit over the top. In defense of Microsoft, the modded Xbox’s did contain 15 pirated games - which I agree is a real crime.

Maybe, Microsoft is taking the wrong approach. Instead of hunting down and punishing people who mod their Xbox (modded Xbox’s don't work with newer Xbox live games), why not get involved in the modding community and take advantage of the ideas and innovation that is coming out of it?

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