Monday, April 03, 2006

Independent World Television

I was scanning the blogs I track with Bloglines today, and I came across a mention to Independent World Television in a post on News Hounds. I love the idea of this organization - I don't know if they can make it, but the tag line has me hoping for them:
"No corporate dollars. No government funding. No commercials. No strings. You have the right to know."
My real concern is not that they make it - but who listens to the truth they speak. If you care about the real news and the truth, it is out there, but too many people are content to get news from complete misleading sources, like say Fox News. How do you change their minds, is it possible to bring them back? I hope so...

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Anonymous said...

You may be interested in my interview with Paul Jay, chair of Independent World Television, posted on New Year's Day, 2007: