Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Surprise Coffee Find

I was at my local Jewel/Osco yesterday picking up some last minute groceries. I needed to get coffee, but I was dreading attempting to find a coffee that was Organic, Fair Trade, or better off both at a decent price. I've become very spoiled by Trader Joe's cheap Organic Fair Trade java, but I didn't have the time to drive out just for that. Image my surprise, when I came across a reasonable priced Organic Fair Trade coffee from Millstone! I haven't tried it yet, but what excites me most about it, is the fact that it exists.

Maybe, just maybe, food companies are starting to figure out this whole be good to the earth and those who farm it idea. Or maybe, the companies are purely doing it to appear that way. No matter what the cause of this, I'm just happy to see a product made organically by people who are getting paid a fair price showing up in the average grocery store.

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